Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blending Board Part I

I told my Gretchen (my studio mate) before I left for PLY Away that if I did well, I would come home with a blending board. I had wanted one for a while because students kept asking me about them, and while I always said they were a slightly different economic alternative to a drum carder, I could never quite tell them how I felt about them.

I kept seeing people make their own blending boards. I didn't want to go through the trouble and didn't see it being much more cost effective.

I talked to the Clemes fellas at SOAR Chicago in 2013 about their blending boards, the cloth, and a little bit about carders. I was convinced at that point that the cloth that was available to me wasn't worth it for sure at that point. I walked away with a new brush for packing and some serious perspective on how few manufacturers are making quality carding cloth. Unfortunately, I was a very new mom and Joe's work circumstances weren't great so it was not the best time for me to buy new equipment.
Spinoff had a beautiful cover this issue with punis featured and Gretchen and I both were pretty smitten. I know she really wanted to try one and I was wanting to see if we could get a few in the department but still had very little experience on one.
Well... Clemes & Clemes was just across the room from me sharing a booth with Brooke from Sincere Sheep at PLY Away.
do you see them there just taunting me! Not to mention Brooke's yarn which I also came home with...
I came home with a blending board.... and I pick up my new carder this September at Wisconsin Sheep & Wool. I will be vending there a 3rd year in a row sharing a booth with Dani of Pumpkinhaus for a second year in a row. I didn't propose any classes this year but Clemes & Clemes are offering some great classes with their equipment. If you are on the fence about taking the class, contact Roy, I am sure he can talk you into it.
Roy, Brooke, and I at the beginning of tear down.
Next Time: I figured it out!!! (the blending board that is!)

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