Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fermentation Suint Method: Adding the Fleece

I finally got around to getting the fleece part of the equation into my soon to be Suint bath this weekend. I'm offering a two day workshop on washing fleece using FSM where we will also take a look at different fleece types and how to process them with a tiny bit of dying thrown in the mix. This class was terrific last year and was largest group I have ever had at Tillers! It was great fun and I took loads of pictures but do you think I can find any of them now? Will keep searching and hopefully can add them in at some point!

All of the rain last week meant I could have had two very large bins started but because of various methods I have adopted in the last year for cleaning my fleece, I don't use this method as often because I wash my fleece as I need it. (A whole other post, seriously.) I had a smaller bin handy since I don't want to overwhelm my students. A quick pick through this Border Leicester and it was into bags!
Unfortunately, I realized all of my mesh bags were at the studio so I had to make a quick trip to the Family Dollar. They didn't have any plan ones but they did have these really nice Gain ones for $1.50 a piece! The next size up was the exact size of my bin if I laid it flat!

This will soak for 5-7 days and all the natural grease (suint, etc.) will create the soap bath. Watch for my next post for progress or follow me on Instagram for lots of behind the scenes looks at my fiber (and sometimes just life) ventures! 

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