Friday, May 13, 2016

Blending Board Part II

So this beautiful Cherry wood blending board from Clemes & Clemes came home with me from PLY Away.
  First, I love the box it came in. I don't know if it was because this was maybe a floor model, but the velcro on the box lid is genius. I will be storing it back in it's box often since this will be a teaching tool for me and it will really help with the longevity of it.

Second, I love that their brand is always so bold on their equipment. I was just at an antique store today and could no longer read the back of a hand card. I want to know a piece of equipment's history long after it's original owner is gone. This brush is the same as the one I purchased at SOAR from them. Their drumcarder comes with a wide one. I get that in September. Did I mention that? I may be a little bit excited.

Third, Grace is awesome. Grace Shalom Hopkins that is. About a year ago I sent some fiber to Grace for her book CARD. She did great unboxing's (find mine HERE!) for all of the products that were sent to her and also was kind enough to provide a copy of the book we were a part of. You can find CARD for purchase here.

Recently, she has gotten really active on YouTube with free demo videos. My favorite type of "how to" videos are ones that have very little to no talking and are edited with music rather than any noise from the actual recording. Visual learning is what works best for me.

I watched this video in the car on the way to brunch today and proceeded to card up 9 really great rolags several hours later. They were recognizable as MY fiber, which was key. I had played with it the first night I had it home and liked my results... but didn't love them.

At first, hadn't thought this would be a tool I would use for items for sale but I am reconsidering... I can sit and watch TV with the family while I do this, a major perk. I'm thinking maybe some limited runs in current colorways to start.

These are all carded in my Truffle Berry colorway. The grey has far less blending in my smooth version of this colorway both as a batt and as rolags. I'm working on getting some locks and fleece dyed in these colors for some Betty Batts in a small update coming soon.

In the mean time, if you are looking for something lovely for your blending board or carder, Rita from Yarn Hollow just added some super scrumptious 4 oz gradient packs of american Targhee to her Big Cartel shop. Super floofy and ready for blending!

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