Sunday, May 15, 2016


Weekends don't always go as planned...

Especially as an artist, a mom, a teacher, a baker, and a wife.

I was supposed to teach a class this weekend on the Fermentation Suint Method. Last year I had a FULL class, this year, enrollment was low. It happens. It bums me out. But sometimes it is a blessing in disguise.

Because class got cancelled....

Instead of finishing prep work and handout Friday evening, I worked on cleaning my neglected yard and found a small bounty of morels out back for a special dinner.

 I got to see Adele march in the parade on Saturday at the Tulip Festival in Holland. It was a great parade even if it was windy and freezing. We stopped at an amazing greenhouse on the way home that looked super intriguing and Joe bought me some really unique flowers for my honeybee loving garden.

I washed woolens I had long neglected.

I had a nice dinner with my family and have nearly finished my Topography Kerchief. 

aaaaaaaand, I got to spend some LOOOOOONG overdue quality time with JUST my sister. I wish I had thought to take a picture of us. We went shopping and had coffee and it was delightful. <3

Joe just took Gareth to the grocery store and I'm about to head off to the studio.

Sometimes, it is nice when things don't go as planned.

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