Sunday, November 8, 2009

Art Center Happenings

I had the pleasure of teaching not only a workshop but a class this past month at the Art Center of Battle Creek. I have taught a few classes and workshops at the art center in the past year or so, but I have to admit these classes I just finished were by far the most rewarding for me. I was able to finally teach my first jewelry class, which was very exciting. It was a 4 week (one night a week) course in cold connections. We mainly did rivets (which are my favorite type of cold connection) to create jewelry pieces. I had such a blast and felt really good afterward because I had finally taught some metalsmithing. I have really only been able to teach fiber and textile related techniques since I graduated that I felt like maybe it just wasn't meant to be with the jewelry. I felt like it was a challenge and now that it is over, I feel really fulfilled and like I could do it better the next time. Here are some finished pieces from a few of my students.
 Kathleen's Piece:

Heather took a photo of her own finished piece which you can find on her blog here. It is a cute little owl head she cut out and embellished and it is just maybe the cutest darn thing ever.

The workshop that I was able to teach this month was my own little brainchild of a build a bear type workshop. Since Halloween was coming up i proposed that we do it with monsters. Well the workshop date ended up being the morning of Halloween and there was nothing that could have done a better job of getting me in the holiday spirit. I made the little shells of all these little monsters and made various colored legs and provided extra felt for the kids to make mouths, teeth, spots, etc. I also provided safety eyes and some little other odds and ends. The kids were SOOOOOOO amazing. I had everything from a 2yo to a 12 yo and all of them were just absolutely imaginative. There were monsters with eyes in the back of their heads, monsters with huge pointy teeth, tiny hearts, and even a wrestling belt. Not to mention that all of the parents (and grandparents) who stayed all the way through class were so amazingly helpful, kind, and understanding. Things went very smooth and I would have to say it would not have went that way without them. I had a fabulous time and I think everyone else did too. Here are some of the little sweetie-pie monsters!

The Fall art walk also happened this past month. I had a little table at it and did some demos. I chatted with SO many people. I was truly amazed at the turnout and the interest people took in each individual's work. For the first time that I could remember, I felt like my hometown was a really great place to be. I noticed that day how beautiful the sculpture and the fountain at Mill Race Park are  AND was given some real proof that some people in Battle Creek really care about art. I was lucky enough to have my friend Jennie next to me with her amazing art dolls. She was very sweet to take some pictures of me and my little setup too.
You can find her blog at The Prim Pumpkin and her etsy shop here.

October was quite the month and while I'm sad to see it go, I'm also happy to be able to relax a bit and get my house back in order. I can't believe what  mess it became so suddenly. It took me nearly all day today to clean the dining room up.

Finally, I wanted to announce some new items that will be appearing in my shop soon. I am going to start offering some handmade fiber related tools (soon,) some handspun jewelry with handmade metal clasps and embellishments like seen here:
I also am experimenting with natural dyeing this week and will be putting those items up for sale if all goes well. I picked through a pound of mohair and a pound of icelandic earlier in preparation. Dyepots here I come!!!


peacockfairy said...

I am so glad the class opened so many new possibilities for me and my jewelry!

Jennifer Hepler said...

What an awesome post! thank you for mentioning my art.

Hillary Lynn said...

love those little monsters! they look great !