Thursday, November 19, 2009

i heart tools

I recently realized that I have way more tools in my arsenal than my husband will probably ever have. I wasn't sure how I should feel about that situation until I picked up the latest issue of Lapidary Journal's Jewelry Artist. At first I was a bit miffed because I am usually so pleased with the content of this magazine and its projects that I have stopped even perusing it in the store before I purchase it. I got it home and immediately flipped to the contents page only to find that there were only two projects in it! I was about to have my own little private fit until I realized that it was  special "tool" edition and the articles and fancy pants tools they had in there were amazing!

I am constantly surprised by this magazine. When I first discovered it, it was still just Lapidary Journal and I was still quite the beginner to metalwork. I still feel really intimidated when I am around other jewelry artists about my skills but I'm working on that. I think when the publishers of Bead & Button came out with their publication Art Jewelry (which I am also a big fan of... I guess while we're at it, I may as well admit my magazine problem too...) they really felt like they needed to do a major revamp of the mag and they did a fantastic job. Their writers are often humorous and I really enjoy the articles as well as the projects.

But yea... tools. :) That was what I started out talking about. There was a really great plier article that made me laugh out loud at the quizzical husband wondering why his wife needed so many different pliers. I too, have many pliers... and hammers... and well yea, lots of tools.

Then I started thinking about it, and my tool addiction is not just for metalworking. I have so many little gadget type tools for fibers that I think I may just have a problem. Many of these are actually for things that do not require them but the company Clover makes such wonderful little things like various sized pom pom makers, yo yo makers, etc. that I am sucked in. I blame the bright colors on the fancy little doo dads contraptions.

Anyhow, there it is, out in the open. I have a problem, and you know what I plan on doing about it? I'm printing off the 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby tomorrow so I can buy the GIANT pom pom maker. Because who isn't looking for the perfect pom pom to top off their newly finished knit hat?

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