Sunday, November 15, 2009

some things...

today I realized that I love:

...a hot bath in the middle of the afternoon
...when jazz singers choose French instead of English
...making pancakes for the friends that stayed the night after our little party constant need to be doing something with my hands, and that I would prefer that would be a craft than a keyboard

and finally,

That I am finally starting to feel like saying that I am an artist is an accurate description.

I mentioned a quote recently about what a true artist is from Ellis Havelock. "The true artist is not the one who draws and paints, but rather the person whose life is adjusted to beauty in every thought and action." I think I am getting closer to that now. It's hard not to when you live in a state that normally has a few inches of snow at this time of year and instead you are able to barbeque and sit by a nice fire without a jacket in the middle of the night.

I know it won't last but I'm grateful for it. There is nothing more beautiful than being surrounded by so many people you care for, eating lots of good food, and sharing some good microbrew. These are the reminders that there is beauty in everything.... even the mountain of dishes in the aftermath.

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