Sunday, November 22, 2009

a productive day...

This morning I woke up feeling like it must have been noon because I was so refreshed. Amazingly when I looked at the clock it was barely 9:30. I laid there a bit longer and then got up, showered and started baking and cooking. Joe had a lot of baking to do too so we were fighting over utensils and the kitchen (he won mostly.) Despite that I was able to finish making one of my favorite desserts for Thanksgiving at his grandmother's house, apple carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting. Joe made two pies (chocolate pecan and lemon meringue) and our favorite spinach and artichoke dip. I made sweet potato casserole, which is always a must for the holidays with my family so I like to share it with his.

Here's the cake all frosted and pretty!

and Joe's pies... or at least the chocolate pecan one, just a little bit of the other one showing here. The light was going so pictures weren't the greatest.

Ever notice  how desserts are prettier than main dishes ever are? I think normal foods have to get plated before you can REALLY fancy em' up, but desserts can just stand on their own.

Now we just have to prepare for Thanksgiving at our house again. Luckily I've already tidied up everything and will just need to do a quick run through with the normal upkeep. I also cleaned up my poor wheel today. I did the holiday market out at the local farmer's market yesterday and realized when changing bobbins how terribly dusty it was.  The market was pretty much a bust, everyone was cleaning up about an hour early. I did meet a few very nice people though, including a weaver who bought some of my yarn. We chatted about Penland and John C. Campbell Folk School because she splits her time between here and North Carolina. If I could move to another state, I must admit that North Carolina would be in my top five. So beautiful and within a day drive from home and family, not to mention the fantastic art community. 

OH! Adele and I made ornaments after we got back from the holiday market yesterday. We just stuffed some make your own glass ornaments with odds and ends that we had around but they were a lot of fun!

oh the simple things...

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