Tuesday, January 19, 2010

and now for another experiment...

For some reason I am stuck on vinyl tubing for my fiber jewelry. It has been a great vehicle for me so far with my "Candy" line so when inspiration struck the other day I went with it. I spun up a nice single of various fibers from some amazingly artist fiber friends and etsy sellers along with some of my own fiber. I love when I purchase fiber from etsy and receive little tidbits of fiber that was left on the carder or little bonuses. I have been hoarding some of these fibers from the esty seller loop, my friend Sara of Lushmommy, seller Evonnewee, along with some locks I purchased a while back from the lovely Linda of primdollie. Along with the fiber from these talented ladies, I added some of my own "carder crap." Here are the results of this fun experiment:

I wrapped the single all willy nilly with my wheel in a granny stack fashion. I'm thinking that these will make some fabulous and simple bracelets with memory wire strung through the tubing and some sort of wire wrap to hold the yarn ends. I will certainly post pix when I'm finished and maybe even will put a few up for sale in the shop.

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