Sunday, January 31, 2010

programmable soda, a yarn ode to tori for linette

so my friend linette loves tori amos. She knows all kinds of obscure fun and silly facts about her, like who knew that she was good friends with a someone who writes graphic novels (you know, adult comic books,) and that there is speculation that a character is based on her? Another little known fact, (at least in my opinion,) that maynard of tool, a perfect circle, pucifer, etc. has sang lullabies to her over the phone. Don't get me wrong, I love me some tori but I didn't know all those little tidbits. I mean, who knows, it may just be celebrity gossip stuff but I tend to believe the obscure stuff.

Anyhow, Linette started knitting recently and when she came for a visit for a much needed creative day she noticed some fiber I had laid out to make some batts with. It just so happens that when the idea sparked for these batts, I already knew I was going to be naming them programmable soda, one of my personal favorite tori ditties. Well, as you may have guessed it was love at first sight for linette so, rather than listing them, I spun em' up for her to have some handspun goodness for her new knitting ventures. I think I may card up some more because they were such a fun combo. :D

I spun a rather chunky, slightly thick and thin single with an autowrap of purple tatting thread. The colors just scream old fashioned soda fountain. :D

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