Saturday, January 2, 2010


"I am just a poor ugly weed trying to push her way up through the sidewalk of life."
-Peppermint Patty(?)

I'm not sure if the origin of this quote was in fact Peppermint Patty to be honest. I have always loved that character for some reason and was very sad to have lost the keychain I had that featured her. I always felt like she was misunderstood because she was so different.

Anyhow, my dear friend Claire replaced my lost keychain with another that said that quote above little Patty. I feel this way often. Life is such a struggle, my ability to see the beauty in the little things is what gets me by. Everything happens for a reason and even something so fragile as a weed still has such tremendous strength as it works its way up through the drab solid concrete, only to be crushed down by a passing child with a hatred for dandelions. Then something magical happens. It tries again, and again, and again.

Life goes on, through ugly times we become stronger. We forgive. We leave things in the past, and move forward to the good and inevitably bad times ahead. I just hope we can all survive the weight working against us, swaying us, and beating us down.

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Holly Marie said...

Very true! And I love Peppermint Patty as well! :)