Saturday, January 30, 2010

i think something's wrong... and a new yarn!

Well, I was all gung ho and productive today. I finished my latest yarn (more on that in minute,) went thrift store shopping (got lots of killer art yarn ingredients all for $1 or less,) did some photographing, AND actually had 3 listings all ready to go for my etsy store. Unfortunately, when I went to upload my photographs, it wouldn't work!!! err... It keeps claiming that my photos are not the proper format (they are,) and won't upload them. I tried on firefox and safari both thinking maybe it was my browser AND made sure that nothing wrong with the uploading powers of my computer or any settings in either of my browsers (no!) I was able to upload some images onto flckr with NO problems so I have deduced that etsy is havin' some issues... so much for listing some new stuff.

BUT, exciting news! I finished a yarn that I started last night during a craft group with my aunt. It turned out sooooo great! It's got vintage buttons, lace, bits of sheet, individual black eyed susans from a lovely little trim, some beautiful multi colored tatted bits, and best of all SOME OF MY POM POMS! I really pushed the limit of the size of my orifice on my bulky flyer but i got these babies through there. I am so proud of this yarn. I was going to make a little purse out of it with some solid colored yarn to stretch the yardage, BUT I decided it would be much better as a chunky cowl.

Here it is!

YAY!!! :D

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pumpkinhaus said...

Yeah!!! Its gorgeous Em!!!!

And, seriously... we need to go get a beer real soon... lol...