Monday, January 25, 2010

nightmare at art school?

I keep having these recurring nightmares. I've never had recurring nightmares. It is really just an overall event or them that is occuring in them though. I attended Penland School of Craft in the summer of 2007 before Joe and I found a house and it was two of the best weeks of my life. My experience there was so amazing and I have wanted to go back to Penland or to any of the other wonderful craft schools similar to it for that matter (namely Haystack, Arrowmont, Anderson Ranch, and Ox-Bow.)

At any rate, it is about this time a year that all of the funtastic mail starts rolling in, meaning I get a whole lot of course catalogs. Terribly exciting right? So after I have scoured them and found all of the possibles and decided that the only way I can even possibly think about attending is if I can manage to get a full scholarship, that night I had a dream that it all went horribly wrong. I get there but everything feels awful. I can't get home. No communication. No delicious Penland food. No class time happens. Just lots and lots of anxiety and lack of control. Prior to that night that I had that terrible dream I had had at least two others that were very similar. I don't understand it. Is it an omen that I am not meant to go?

I guess I'll ponder that while I get things around for my applications. So bizarre though really...

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The Bloated Ewe said...

I ALWAYS have horrible school dreams like that. Maybe I should interpret them as a bad omen and not show up to classes.

Once I graduate, I plan on getting some sort of job and saving up my money so I could go to Penland!