Sunday, January 24, 2010

treasury, shop updates, and destashing!

Tuesday will be my first shop update of the new year... and a long time coming too! The sale I had going on all of my batts sets will also end that day so if you wanna snag any of my batts at 10% off now would be the time to do it. :D

The update Tuesday will include some new batts, a wacky pom pom lot, new yarn, HOPEFULLY some new jewelry, and some serious destashing of magazines. I have been trying to get all of my magazines in order and have found that it is expensive to organize and I really don't need any of these bead magazines that I accumulated so long ago.  I don't bead anymore and I can't remember the last time I referred to any of them except for a very select few which I will be keeping. Anyhow, my "loss" will in fact be a gain of space for me and a gain for someone else who wants back issues of bead and button and beadwork magazines that are in pretty darn good condition at a low price. The ones that are a bit ragged I will be selling for a $2.00 and the ones that are still in fine shape will be $3.00. I have a VERY large stash of these (about 4 years worth,) so they will be trickling into the shop.

OH, I nearly forgot. The etsy seller thegoblet was kind enough to feature some of my batts in an adorable treasure last week. Here's a screenshot that I snagged:

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