Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a grand old time!

Saturday was such a lovely day. I got to sleep in first of all, which is probably one of my favorite things to do in moderation. When I finally got myself around I knew I had to not only start thinking about a party dress, but get it made and ready to go very quickly. Cheryl and Linette, two of my three college roomies and closest friends, had their last hurrah before they both move on to new living spaces, (and in Cheryl's case a new job!) It was a much anticipated ABC party. If you aren't familiar with this theme the ABC stands for "Anything But Clothes." This doesn't mean show up in the nude, just that what you wear cannot be clothing. Joe and I invited Hillary along since she was stuck in the country for a bit longer and her outfit was so fun! She is so talented as a designer, (she designed her own prom dress,) and made such a fabulous little dress out of crochet topped kitchen towels.

Here her and I are with my friend Michael in Cheryl's "photobooth" she had set up in her room to catch all the fun. I cheated a little bit with my dress and built it up from a slip dress. I scrounged through my vintage linens and sheets for a few that would go well together, wished for a dress form, didn't get one, so I settled for putting it on and pinning it to myself. In the end I only ended up using part of one sheet for the skirt portion of the dress, a pink table runner with lacy edging for the "corset" portion, and a half of a little decorative floral applique linen for the bust portion. Adele helped me pick out what to lace the back up with and also suggested using some pom pom trim for a necklace. She is such a creative wonder! While I was having my explosion of creativity in the basement, Adele was busy upstairs making me this adorable little pillow creature! I felt so special to receive such a sweet little handmade creation. All hand sewn and beautifully imperfect. I know I will treasure it always.

Knowing that I would be a bit chilly without some sort of jacket I took a pretty embroidered table runner and wove some lace through the edging for some little ties to make a little coordinating shrug. Too fun!

Joe went in a trash bag tuxedo in the style of Fred Flinstone. What a pair me made!

The party was a blast, we stayed out way too late, ate way too much food, and I was reminded once again how fortunate I am to have such great friends.

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